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Balcony Pools

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balcony poolsA new skyscraper, Aquaria Grande, is still under construction in Mumbai, India. However, it is already getting quite a bit of attention, and not for its size or location — instead this building is notable for it’s many balconies, all of which feature of a deck and a pool.

Something this daring is seldom seen and certainly brings a lot of attention along with it. The building contains over 200 apartments, three levels of parking space, a fitness center and a sauna, but the balcony pools are by far the most talked about feature of Aquaria Grande.

The building was designed by architect James Law and the real estate company Wadhwa Group. It is comprised of two 37-story towers and boasts a unique curving shape that forms around a water droplet structure in the center of the skyscraper, accenting the balcony pools very nicely.

Needless to say, these apartments will not come cheap, but peoples’ interest in the space is bound to peak because who wouldn’t want their own private balcony pool?

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