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Hot-Tub Cinema

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hot tubs, movies and amazing spaces... perfectly blended with a dash of
Hot Tub Cinema magic

Hot Tub Cinema is a unique event which combines delightfully warm hot tubs with favourite films on the big screen. We hand pick the finest locations, set up our tubs and the magic begins. This summer saw us take over the rooftop of Netil360 in East London with its amazing vista of London's inimitable skyline.
For the autumn we have an amazing new indoor venue in Shoreditch to share with all our wonderful tubbers.

We've also got an increased hot tub capacity, thanks to our awesome hot tub partner
Coming soon - keep your eyes peeled for our new Lay-Z-Spa webstore, so you can recreate a little Hot Tub Cinema magic at home!

"Hot Tub Cinema began privately about seven years ago. Since then it has grown in increments, reaching the stage of a handful of hot tubs in a garden in Stoke Newington about 18 months ago, at which point we realised it was time to find some new & exciting venues for our expanding endeavors"

Who we are
  • Asher Charman - Founder
  • Claire Backhouse - Marketing
  • Nick Pahl - Hospitality
  • James Tennet - Operations
  • Nebil Avas - Graphic Design
  • Anna Sanders - Communications
  • ...and our array of wonderful friends & supporters.

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