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More Hot Tubs for the Water Featured

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hot tug boat

What do you get when you cross a boat and a hot tub? In the Netherlands, you get the Hot Tug, a wood-fired hot tub you can sail for picture-perfect, luxuriously warm sight-seeing.

The Hot Tug can seat up to eight people, is made of wood and fitted with glass fiber reinforced polyester. The stove is stainless steel with a single wall pipe. If you happen to be in the Netherlands, the Hot Tug is available for rent. But if you plan to make your hot-tubbing/sightseeing a lifelong hobby, you can purchase a Hot Tug — at a cost of roughly $20,000.

For those of you a little more domestic, the boat/hot tub phenomenon also exists off the coast of Seattle thanks to the aptly-named Hot Tub Boats. (Given how cold the northwest can get, we think they cornered the perfect market.) 

What do you think of the hot tub boat craze? Would you take one for a dip/sail?

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