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Terraced Rooftop Pool Featured

Written by Rain Embuscado


terraced roof poolThey say form follows function, but apparently NL Architects are aspiring to achieve the opposite. At the request of a visionary client named Andrew R, the Dutch architecture firm drafted several jaw-dropping design plans to build rooftop swimming pools for single-family homes. And though their would-be patron fell through, the team is still adamant to find another investor to make these personal paradises a reality.

Is this alternative to a backyard swimming hole desirable? Absolutely. Is it sustainable? Well, that's the real question. FastCo. Design raised concerns about leaking and even worse, collapsing (yikes!). After all, constructing this ambitious feature entails a whopping 50,000 gallons of chlorine-bliss suspended overhead. But the firm accounted for this in their plans; and as Archinect assessed, the ceiling conforms to the pool's geometry, creating a "cozy grotto" in the home's interiors.

We're really hoping they work out the kinks so we can have one installed just in time for summer. But seriously, seemingly impossible architectural feats have been successfully executed before (see Zaha Hadid's Cincinnati Center for Contemporary Arts.)

To learn how the NL Architecture firm plans on proceeding with this assignment, head on over to Archinect's feature on the same piece.

Via Huffington Post

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