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Tasman Seashore Pool

Future site of our Down-Under Campus? This historic pool overlooks the rugged beauty of the Tasman Sea just outside of Sydney.

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Lauchie was born with brittle bone disease and has broken bones hundreds of times throughout his life. He has never been able to walk unaided but the recent therapy sessions in the RCH have meant that he is now closer to that milestone than ever before.

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Aquatic physical therapy can be used as an adjunct to, or instead of, land-based physical therapy to enhance motion in early stages after orthopedic surgery, particularly for rotator cuff repair, TKR, THR, and post-ACL reconstruction and does not increase the risk of wound-related adverse events.

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This randomized control trial from Australia indicates that aquatic physiotherapy can be safely considered in the early postoperative phase of THR surgery.

Published in Research-News

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