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Drowning hazards at pools: Not what you think

Written by National Drowning Prevention Symposium

People drown at swimming pools because they are swimming alone, without a lifeguard present. Or, because they dive into the shallow pool and suffer a traumatic spinal cord fracture. Or, because there are simply too many kids in the water to watch.

Right? Wrong. People drown in pools for even stupider reasons.

  1. They drown because of glare on the water's surface
  2. They drown because underwater lights weren't installed right
  3. They drown because the lifeguard was busy texting a buddy
  4. They die when the babysitter is hopped up on Nyquil
  5. They drown from holding their breath too long
  6. They drown in NFL player's backyards
  7. They even drown in physical therapy clinics.

Put a stop to it. 2011 National Drowning Prevention Symposium




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Stonehill Franciscan Services

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ATU Affiliate Stonehill Franciscan Services in Dubuque uses their new HydroWorx therapy pool to treat a local school teacher with Guilliain-Barre Syndrome. ...

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