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Treating Brittle Bone Syndrome Down-Under

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brittle bone boy in wheelchair

This week patient Lauchie Dalton tried out the new hydrotherapy pool at The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH).

Lauchie was born with brittle bone disease and has broken bones hundreds of times throughout his life. He has never been able to walk unaided but the recent therapy sessions in the RCH have meant that he is now closer to that milestone than ever before.

After just a few sessions in the pool Lauchie’s mum, Donna, and physiotherapy team say his progress is remarkable.

“He can move around and do things in water in a way that he can’t on land because the buoyancy helps in terms of his balance and coordination,” said RCH head of physiotherapy Bev Eldridge.

The pool also helps patients like Lauchie improve muscle definition and circulation and can offer pain relief.

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Click below to watch the 7 News story with Lauchie.

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