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Aquatic Speech Therapy in Colorado Springs

Written by Stephanie Johnson



AUG. 6, 2013

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Speech therapy should be a comfortable and fun experience. That’s what Katey Blehm, M.A. CCC-SLP of Colorado Springs Speech Therapy strives to do when she treats several of her patients in the pool.

“When you’re working with kids, think about motivation. Where would that child be motivated?” she said.

For a lot of kids, that place is the pool.

“It’s lots of fun and amazingly therapeutic. It’s a great combination,” Blehm explained.

Blehm recently completed a seminar with Aquatic Therapy University in Wisconsin, titled Aquatic Therapy for the Speech Therapist. Although she has been seeing patients in the water for almost four years, with the class she has gained additional techniques and skills to use with her patients.

“I have a new sense of (the water) being a fantastic therapeutic setting and it’s not just me who thinks so,” she said.

Blehm is the only speech pathologist in the Colorado Springs area who uses aquatic therapy with her patients. She uses a combination of land-based and water-based therapy.

“There is a variety of settings we can see kids in,” she explained. “Language happens everywhere.”

Blehm treats patients of all ages with a range of abilities, from mild articulation disorders to severe apraxia of speech. She has several patients with autism who have benefited greatly from speech therapy in the pool.

“It’s just been almost magical what we’ve gotten out of some of these kiddos,” she said.


About ATU

Aquatic Therapy University is the gold-standard in post-graduate hydrotherapy training. Its evidence-based curriculum is specifically designed to meet the high clinical standards demanded by physical and occupational therapists worldwide and its credentialing in pediatric, geriatric, orthopedic, neurologic and sports rehabilitation tracks is recognized industry-wide.


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About Colorado Springs Speech Therapy


At Colorado Springs Speech Therapy, a variety of communication disorders and delays are treated for patients of all ages. Treatment is also available for swallowing, apraxia, autism, feeding therapy and oral motor therapy. Where applicable, sign language is used as a natural way of communicating with children with communication disorders and delays.

Contact: Katey Blehm, M.A., CCC-SLP

Colorado Springs Speech Therapy


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