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TRX Waterproof Laser Paper

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waterproof paper for aquatic therapyYou no longer need to laminate your printout to handle extreme conditions.TRX Waterproof Laser paper is designed to withstand frequent handling so you can print Menus and not worry about losing any vibrant colors or print.  Our paper is weather proof, waterproof, durable, and almost indestructible. You can expose our paper to rain, heat and extreme temperatures without losing the print. It is tear resistant, does not fade, and is scuff proof. TRX Waterproof Laser Paper resists and deters grease, chemicals, sweat or blood. The 450 degree melting point allows for use on a wide range of equipment and applications. 

We have many sizes including 8-1/2 x 11, 8-1/2 x 14 and 11 x 17. We also offer paper that can create ID cards, labels ,door hangers or simply to print your most valued photographs  . But we love TRX  paper because new applications are always being discovered. So let us know how you are using our paper .

Not all laser printers are capable of using 10.7 ad 13.7 mil paper .You should always check with your printer specifications to determine the maximum paper thickness your printer will accommodate.  .Please also remember TRX waterproof paper is not suitable for ink jet printers


Industrial                                       Sports & Leisure                        Retail

Chemical Drum Tags                               Football Call Sheets                              Hanging Signs/ Banners                    

Crate/Pallet Tags                                     Runner's Bibs                                       Point 0f Purchase Displays

Parts Manuals                                          Trail Maps                                            Product Pricing Placards

Maintenance Manuals                              Sailing Log Books                                Window Counter Signage

Construction Signage                               Golf Score Cards                                  Restaurant Menus                          

Blueprints                                                 Event Passes/Tickets                           Table Tents

Building Permits                                      Swimming Exercise Schedule                Pool Signage

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