Thursday, 02 May 2013 11:44

New Challenges for my Patients

Thank you for agreeing to present your aquatics course here in Knoxville April 12-13. It was a great hands on course and you made the discussions and demonstrations interesting and fun to learn. The lessons learned has really improved the way I treat pt’s in the pool by introducing ways that have made it more challenging to my patients, goal oriented, and functional, resulting in providing  “skilled aquatic PT” rather than  just getting in the water and doing the same basic routine with my patients.


Thanks again.


Tom Kelly, Owner

Associated Therapeutics
Knoxville, TN

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Thank you again for the great course! I knew I had learned a ton, but it was amazing to me how quickly and easily i was able to incorporate the complexities into all treatment not just aquatics. I have most of my patients performing clock exercises with me calling out numbers or colors (using the polyspots) and some form of a 4-wall concept changing directions and activities.  I was able to totally reform one of my kid's aquatic treatment sessions by using the mat (hot dog cart, surfing, and climbing the wall) for UE strengthening, q-ped and sensory stim for dropping into the water (off the hot dog cart). I was getting so bored with his treatment and performing the same three variations of exercises! He's happier and I'm happier. He even asks for the hot dog cart now! and for the snake! 
Thank you again for not only showing me new and improved aquatics but also for changing the way I look at all exercises!
I can't wait to learn more from you in June or another class!
There were a few things I noted to ask you for in this email. 
1. The website or link to where I can get the water streamers (sounded like it could work for a slalom course?)
2. The library language for documentation
3. Article about very young children in the pool (< 1 year olds)
4. The balance Webinar-- I'm not sure if that was the article you sent us
5. The article about kids with tubes in their ears. 
Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the class and hope to take more from you!
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Monday, 22 April 2013 15:27

Ortho/Neuro Survey

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your class and how much I learned from your treatment approaches and techniques.  I have been implementing the complexities that you showed us with not only my outpatients, but also my inpatients.  I am excited to be able to utilize these techniques in the pool as we begin to do some contract therapy to hopefully prove that our facility could benefit from an aquatic center.  The websites and information you gave me on contracts has been beneficial to my manager as she has made a few changes to the agreement.  Thank you for stepping outside your comfort  zone all those years ago, because without your courage, we would not have gained the knowledge we did in Knoxville.  I especially loved your interactive teaching method! 

Side bar -  I thought about the laundry basket in the pool for the pediatric patients and it worked well in giving my dogs a bath in the bathtub without all the slipping and sliding and jumping out attempts.  So thank you again for putting my creativity to work!! 


Leigh A Taylor

Medical Center @ Franklin

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Monday, 11 February 2013 14:46

Knoxville, TN Apr 12-13 (Ortho/Neuro)

6 hours of intensive hands-on skill acquisition packed into 2 days of lab and lecture. Perfect beginners class for PTs & OTs.

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