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A year in the making, our new Aquatic Resources Network 2.0 gathers all our diverse aquatic therapy websites and content from the last 15+ years and brings them under one roof. The Aquatic Therapist blog. AquaNing social network. Aquaticnet news and research. Aquatic Therapy University webstore. eSplash newsletters. No longer do you need to remember a multitude of IDs and passwords. Now you can access everything with just one login.

Social Network

Think of this as our Facebook for Wetheads. Converse with the aquatic universe by posting questions, sharing success stories and uploading your photos. Not only that, you can create your own groups, keep tabs on your friends and keep a record of all your classes. Become a premium member and you can publish your own blog, sell your stuff in our classifieds and look for jobs (coming soon).

Ask A Guru

Our forum feature allows patients and therapists alike to ask questions of our staff or members regarding treatment tips, billing conundrums, pool upkeep or even hiring outlooks. Unlike our old email-based listserv, posting your inquiries here enables the conversation to be shared by anyone at anytime, instead of being buried in your inbox. This is also the primary method of communicating with the ARN staff.


This tool allows patients to tap into our aquatic database of 15,000+ hospitals, clinics and therapists to find the right place to go for aquatic therapy in their locales. Physicians can use it too when referring their patients. Directors who sign their facilities up for premium membership will soon be able to add their sites to our business directory for enhanced placement in FindAPool.

Aquatic Therapy University

Our webstore is the place to go to purchase training for your staff, equipment for your pool and books and DVDs for your reading pleasure. While most of our items are still located on our SwimATU site, we are slowly migrating them over to ARN 2.0.

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Click the red Save button found on any article or webpage and have it stored on your own personal reading list for later access.


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