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Posted by on in Pediatrics
Just wanted to share that I am having more children with autism. here are some pictures taken today. i haven't got the flow through mat, but managed to make up something that will hold alphabets and also the polyspots. My assistant is handling the kids, while I take photographs. We have a little kids table with alphabets and we use that as our communication board , we put a sheet( dunno what it's called, used for mounting, I bought it at a stationary shop) on that same table to make the board to stick all the things on. All the kids had good fun with it today.
Just sharing. I now have 20 clients a week for the water. Am so excited.
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When Life gives you Lemons....... As much as I try, the month of August is always a difficult time. It's hard for me to keep my focus but I know I must. I must try to shake the guilt, the guilt that I couldn't protect my son - that’s what mothers are supposed to do... but I couldn't. That still hurts but we have all moved on and most of the time that guilt stays in a small black compartment in my heart , I know it shouldn't be there at all but it will leave when it's ready... but then....... we have moved on. August 26th 15 years post accident..........................................
When Life gives you Lemons.......
They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Just a saying we used to hear in passing, laugh about and just get on with life without much thought. When my youngest son,Amir, was born- we were all ecstatic... a surprise baby and the most adorable little baby. So loved by his 2 elder brothers and by everyone around him.  Life couldn't be more perfect.  So what's all this got to do with lemons?
We got our fair share of bitter and sour all at one go!!. When Amir was 18 months old, he had a near fatal accident which left him severely brain injured. It was the most horrific experience and I will not wish this to my worst enemy.  Many painful moments in our lives, where we thought we would lose our precious beautiful little boy. But my story is not of sourness nor bitterness but about making the best of such a horrible outcome. Our family decided to make lemonade given all the lemons flung mercilessly at us. For years I was grieving, wanting my little boy back the way he was  and was so angry at the doctors for not believing he would amount to anything. I am not angry anymore, as the little boy I had, is now a young man... sure he can't walk, he can't talk( but he can communicate )but he is my teacher, my mentor and my guide to patience. He is my Guru in the true sense of the meaning.. from darkness to light. He is my life coach. I was management and marketing trained and used to a relatively high profile job... ok here it is, I was "Corporate b***h"... there I said it!. We had to undergo such a big life change after the accident that I had to give up my job to care for Amir. My mother being down to earth and so no nonsense, told me to stop wasting my time crying and start looking at how to solve the problem... and so began  a new journey.. a whole new phase in our lives began. I went back to studying, I was so fortunate to have the support of my husband and my sister to care for Amir whenever I had to travel for a course or sit for an exam. My best friend loaned me the money... He said he'd give me a fishing line and hoped that would help with our care for Amir. Another dear friend hired and paid for a maid to help us, for close to a year. My 2 older boys had to grow up very quickly , look after each other and their little brother . I am so grateful for these people.  I  am not going into the past, that’s history but  whats happening NOW is what matters, but I had to acknowledge that I certainly did not  and could not  have travelled  this road alone. My elder son is a Physiotherapist now working in Australia, he gave up his dream of becoming a doctor when he realized that it was Rehab that was going to make a difference to people like his brother. He finished his Masters last year and is still studying, still learning while enjoying his work . Son No.2 was a fitness Instructor in the Police force and just started Uni, he too is doing Physiotherapy, his dream was to do Vet science but the cost of the course is astronomical and Rehab was  plan B ... and me ?  dear old Mum ? Well I went the "complimentary or alternate route studying and obtaining diplomas in Yoga therapy, CranioSacral therapy and Aquatherapy. I never thought I'd be sitting for exams again... but I still continue . 
 We  founded a business, Amirs Gym - a very small practice, with 2 Physiotherapists and an OT  . We're a therapy gym for special kids offering intensive programmes in Pediasuit and Aquatherapy, Craniosacral therapy and Yoga therapy. We aim to make a difference in the lives of not only special needs  children but special needs young adults ( differently abled  should really be used, but it is less understood) My days of powersuits and  business lunches are well over . You're more likely to find me dripping in a swim suit with my hair in a knot on top of my head... but it is one of the most satisfying lines of work I have ever been in. My heart sings everytime Amir or another child makes a gain. I know that feeling is felt by all those that work in Amirs gym - we are a team ,  a team that will make a difference because Amir made us see that it isn't always about the pity, the bitterness,sourness ( well.. we're talking lemons) but about how joy can be found in just believing and making the best of a situation. Amir is accepted that way he is. He is funny, he loves women and has a huge crush on our female Physio, Nava. He loves music and his current favorite is "give me a Reason" by Pink - he sings along to it in his own language ( sound language) and laughs appropriately at jokes. He loves the TV programme "Just for Laughs”,.He is so much part of our lives, we accept him as he is but that does not mean we have stopped trying to help him. We continue to work with him and pretty much the therapies offered in Amirs gym are the "mix' we use for Amir. Amir became the inspiration for our family to do what we do, we embrace him and what he stands for and forever will keep on trying to give him opportunities. My days of tears and "what ifs" are almost (they still creep up on me on the anniversary of his accident or on his birthday) over, however I have learnt to enjoy the freshness of the lemonade. To us, Life is about moving forward and about living Life...It’s just now in a different way but we're still living Life!!
Amir’s Gym became a registered business, inspired by our Amir.. heres a short presentation of what Amirs Gym is all about. We have been taught to treat from our hearts, with love and compassion and we celebrate in the success of each and every child that walks through the doors of Amirs gym.
( you may have to cut and paste the link )
Let me end this note with a poem from THE PARENTS TAO TE CHING ,
Your  children have important lessons to learn,
But even more important ones to teach.
What can they teach?
How to pay complete attention.
How to play all day without tiring.
How to let one thing go,
And move on to another
With no backward glances.
How to move and sit
With no tension in the muscles
To stress in the ones.
Thus the wise parent learns,
And grow
Younger every day.
How happy would your life become
If everytime you taught your children
A new idea or skill from you world,
You stopped and watched until
They taught you one from theirs?
What will you learn from them today?
My dearest Amir you have taught me everything that I know today, you have taught me to enjoy the lemonade. I love you with all my heart and will continue giving you all opportunities possible. We celebrate your Life!!
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